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Tips to Learn Photography to Take Better Photos

Community, Culture, Entertainment, Photography, Travelling April 16, 2017

Learn Photography to Take Better Photos.

This is the big one, yet many people don’t seem to understand that preparation is golden. A clear picture that say a million words



Each picture should have only one principal idea, topic, or center of interest to which the viewer’s eyes are attracted. Subordinate elements within the picture must support and focus attention on the principal feature so it alone is emphasized. A picture without a dominant center of interest or one with more than one dominant center of interest is puzzling to a viewer. Subsequently, the viewer becomes confused and wonders what the picture is all about. When the picture has one, and only one, dominant “point of interest,” the viewer quickly understands the picture. yashicaGrasp the Power of the Aperture Settings  Aperture is often the most difficult concept for people to grasp when they’re learning how their camera works, but it’s pretty simple once you understand it. If you look at your lens, you can see the opening where light comes through. When you adjust your aperture settings, you’ll see that opening get bigger and smaller. The larger the opening, or wider the aperture, the more light you let in with each exposure. The smaller the opening, or narrower the aperture, the less light you let in. Why would you ever want a narrow aperture if a wider one lets in more light? Aside from those situations where you have too much light and want to let less of it in, narrowing the aperture means more of the photograph will appear to be in focus. For example, a narrow aperture is great for landscapes. A wider aperture means less of the photograph will be in focus, which is something that’s generally visually pleasing and isn’t seen as a downside. If you’ve seen photographs with a subject in focus and beautiful blurred backgrounds, this is often the effect of a wide aperture (although that’s not the only contributing factor—remember, telephoto lenses decrease depth of field as well). Using a wide aperture is generally considered the best method for taking in more light because the downside—less of the photograph being in focus—is often a desired result.

2.Get in close

It was the famous photojournalist Robert Capa who once said “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” He was talking about getting in amongst the action. If you feel like your images aren’t ‘popping’, take a step or two closer to your subject. Fill the frame with your subject and see how much better your photo will look without so much wasted space. The closer you are to the subject, the better you can see their facial expressions too. pexels-photo-large

ose cousin to situational awareness, research and preparation prior to any photo work should become second nature and will pay huge dividends. It will also make you a faster shooter and help to prioritize your workflow, not to mention make you appear more competent as a photographer. monument-valley


ISO:  The funny thing about ISO is that it is an acronym, but nobody really knows what it stands for.  It is always just called ISO even though it really stands for International Organization for Standardization.  Every once in a while, you’ll hear an older photographer pronounce it “I-so”, but almost everyone pronounces it “I.S.O.” The ISO controls the exposure by using software in the camera to make it extra sensitive to light. A high ISO such as ISO 1,600 will produce a brighter picture than a lower ISO such as ISO 100. The drawback to increasing the ISO is that it makes the picture noisier.  Digital noise is apparent when a photo looks grainy. Have you ever taken a picture at night with your cell phone or your pocket camera, and noticed that it looks really grainy?  That is because the camera tried to compensate for the dark scene by choosing a high ISO, which causes more grain. What constitutes a “high” ISO is constantly changing.  Camera companies are constantly improving the ability of cameras to use high ISOs without as much grain.  A few years ago, only the highest-end pro DSLR cameras could achieve 2,000 ISO, and now even entry-level DSLR cameras can shoot at this level.  Since each camera is different, you would do well to do a few tests with your camera to see how high of an ISO you can shoot at without making the image overly grainy. Right now, you will commonly find new DSLRs that advertise expandable ISO ranges


It’s light. Or rather, the way the photographer uses light. A good photographer knows how to compose an image, how to angle her camera so the viewer gets a completely unique perspective of an object, how to capture an event in an interesting and unusual way – even how to capture an emotion. A great photographer does all of this in the right light. Light is pervasive, and because of this you may not always be consciously aware of it – unless it’s either blinding you or fading from view. Most of the rest of the time, light just is, so we don’t pay much attention to it. For this reason you may spend a lot of time just snapping photos without really thinking about the quality of the light. But it’s worthwhile paying attention because you’ll get some stunning results. Use a plain background fox

5.Shutter Speed

When you press the shutter button on your camera and take a picture, the aperture blades take a specific amount of time to close. This amount of time is known as your shutter speed. Generally it is a fraction of a second, and if you’re capturing fast motion it needs to be at most 1/300th of a second. If you’re not capturing any motion, you can sometimes get away with as long of an exposure as 1/30th of a second. When you increase your shutter speed—the length of time where the sensor is exposed to light—two important things happen. First, the sensor is exposed to more light because it’s been given more time. This is useful in low light situations. Second, the sensor is subject to more motion which causes motion blur. This can happen either because your subject is in motion or because you cannot hold the camera still. In general, you want to use the fastest shutter speed you can but there are plenty of circumstances where you’d choose a slower shutter speed. Here are a few examples.You want motion blur for artistic purposes, such as blurring a flowing stream while keeping everything else sharp and un-blurred. To accomplish this you’d use a slow shutter speed like 1/30th of a second and use a narrow aperture to prevent yourself from overexposing the photograph.

To be Continued…

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Factors that contribute to the success of a business

Business, Community, Culture, Entertainment, Travelling April 11, 2017

This is a very vast topic , but to make it simple and effective I am delivering you this simply ,to make you remember once again

Good Vision
The capacity to envisage future market trends and plan accordingly.
A vision is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations. Having a vision will give your business a clear focus, and can stop you heading in the wrong direction.The best way to formalise and communicate the vision you have for your business is to write a vision statement.A vision statement captures, in writing, the essence of where you want to take your business, and can inspire you and your staff to reach your goals.
Good Strategy/Plan
Clearly Defined Roles
Every successful business had a good business strategy. … You could start with this: Strategy is Focus. A good business strategy focuses on a well-defined target market, with a business offering that matches.

Leader/ Manager
A leader is a person who comes up with new ideas and innovations and helps in moving the others to work in the same direction. A leader needs to be on the top in terms of knowledge and skill. The task of a manager is to maintain those established ideas. The leader of an organisation is supposed to inspire all the workers and a manager’s task is to keep control on them by bringing out their talents. With communication skills and tools like pay scales, placement, and promotion a manager can keep a check and control on people. Thus, in short, a leader develops and whatever a leader develops needs to be maintained by the manager.
Knowledge Management
In any organization, whether a small business, a one man shop, or at an enterprise level, information is created, captured, shared, and modified … and eventually this information is used as a commodity.

Each time an idea exchange happens, there is an increase in the intellectual capital of the members involved in the interaction. These members could be individuals or groups of employees and/or customers associated with the organization. Enterprises know very well that this pseudo-auto-generated intellectual capital must be recorded or stored by the company. It is only then that this information will be available for usage by the next task/process/project/product manager.

A set of processes that govern the creation, distribution, and utilization of human intellect is known as Knowledge Management

Good Employees
Companies hire employees to get certain things done (including managing other employees). Orders generally come from the top down and thus employees are generally expected to do what they’re told to do in the manner that they’re told to do it. There are many people out there who are very comfortable with this arrangement as it provides a certain structure and sense of stability for them, and perhaps allows them to specialize in one thing instead of many different things.

Entrepreneurs by definition are people who are trying their own way to make things happen

Good Meetings/Brainstorming sessions
Brainstorming (roughly defined as any group activity involving the pursuit of new ideas) is popular for two reasons, one good and one bad. The good reason is that a typical brainstorming session brings people together into the creative process, and increases the social nature of the project. 8 or 10 people can get in a room and , and if the meeting is run properly, all feel as though they are contributing to what they will be working on in the future. It can be a bonding experience and, more importantly, get people thinking and communicating with each other about topics relevant to the next few weeks or months of work

Updation/Continued Scalability
A company has good scalability if it can maintain its performance while its volume of data or requests increase. That is, performance should hold steady for the company while the number of customers increases.

Customer Happiness/Satisfaction
The most important thing to consider.Customer satisfaction is a marketing term that measures how products or services supplied by a company meet or surpass a customer’s expectation. Customer satisfaction is important because it provides marketers and business owners with a metric that they can use to manage and improve their businesses

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Getting UAE Driving License

Community, Culture, Entertainment, Travelling, Uncategorized April 5, 2017

How to get driving license in Uae is a big question we heard everytime around us.Lets find out


As we heard, passing dubai road test is not that much difficult if you have proper preperations.Remembering these golden points could bring you getting the license easier.The most important ones I will list you first


Whether your classes are 8, 20 , 40 or 50 , practice lane change as much as possible until you become pro in lane change.Examiner check this.


The confidence you posses when turning onto a main road from a secondary road or at a T-junction, the way you enter without disturbing the vehicles besides you, determines your merging skills. Examiner check this

BLIND SPOT CHECK: When you start moving your vehicle, when entering a fast lane, when merging, Don’t ever miss your blind spot check. It is really important. If you forget your blind spot check, you FAILED.


The most important mirror is the center mirror, check center mirror each 5 seconds and before applying break.( when changing gear)

Dress Properly

Dress neatly and appropriately to not to get bad impression from the instructor

INITIALLY: Adjust your seat,steering,mirrors and fasten your seat belt.Always tell other people sitting in back seat to fasten their seat belt. (Don’t miss this).

Before starting the engine, you must check the handbrake, and don’t forget to put the vehicle into gear.

Good Speed: Drive confidently in a relaxed mood at a good speed (within speed limit). Examiners don’t like driving too slow.

LANES AND SIGNBOARDS: Dont ever touch the yellowline. If you do it you failed. Have some observation in the road signboards and signals.U turn and left turn lanes are different.

Entering the Main Road: When entering the road, you must check your side mirrors and then perform a blind spot check. The blind spot check is really important. If you don’t check it, then you FAIL the test. It is a fatal mistake. (Very Important)

Keep a safe distance: Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. I hope you know the two second rule. If you don’t, it’s quite simple. Keep two seconds between you and the car in front.When stops you could see the back tires of the car in front.

Changing Lane: While changing lane, don’t forget to check mirrors, then indicate.After blind spot check, Speed up your vehicle immediately (within speed limit) after changing lane from slow to fast one.

Dont turn steering suddenly.

T-Junction: When turning onto a main road from a secondary road at a T-junction, wait until the road is clear and you have enough time to pull out safely at a relaxed pace.


Pedestrians are important. Always give them priority, if anyone tends to cross the road , put the double hazard indicator and give way

MINOR MISTAKES:Don’t apply hard brakes, excessive braking is a minor mistake. Keep your minor mistakes as low as possible, because too many can add up to punish you with a fail.

Roundabouts: Don’t forget the roundabout rules. You always have to give RIGHT indicator while exiting. Never enter a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from your left side.

U-turn: Shift to low speed lane after taking U-turn in fast lane from a roundabout.

Park: Always park your car parallel to the road when asked to park by the examiner. Never park in front of any entrance or gate.

On test day, when your name is called out go along with the other three candidates and the RTA inspector to the designated car. You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving and anticipatory skills. Good Luck!


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Places to visit Dubai

Entertainment, Travelling September 6, 2016

Places to visit Dubai (Brief)

This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a destination du-jour, where people flock for sales bargains, sunshine and family fun. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes.

atlantis-the-palm-dubaTop Dubai Attractions List

Burj Khalifa
Jumeirah Beach Park
Umm Suqeim Beach
Al Mamzar Beach Park
Dubai Desert
Ras Al Khor Wildlife
Downtown Dubai
Burj Al Arab
Palm Islands

Global Village

the list goes on…

The latest attractions include Dubai Parks & Resorts, Dubai Garden Glow `and Dubai Water Canal , Indoor Theme Park

Dubai Parks & Resorts include Bollywood Parks, Legoland Water Parks, Lapita Hotels, Riverland

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Etiquette tips for travellers

Travelling October 20, 2015

Some occasional retailers, bakeries and different institutions have tip jars on their check-out counters. These became additional current in recent decades and there’s some confusion, even contention regarding them.

On the off chance that you have an escalated stop, mull over a short taking a gander at outing. This especially is shrewd in urban areas with brilliant open transportation decisions, grant numerous opportunity to urge back through security.

Visit the bar

Play a game and among the few edges of flight postponements has valuable leisure time constrained upon you. Watch a flick or scenes of an all around preferred network show, or discover that new diversion your youngsters perpetually cite. extravagant the likelihood to like careless, faultless, fun.

Testing maybe a couple of different wines ANd requesting a tidbit is likewise an appreciated break. figuring on the landing strip, you’ll prepared to notice a fabulous spot to possess a glass of wine and a couple of scrumptious snacks.

Everything from dish to truffled waterproof and cheddar. With a waste of time investigation, you’ll have the capacity to locate a dynamic bar or a tranquil table to unwind though holding up. take a gander at the FlyInStyle application from iTunes.


On the off chance that you have an escalated stop, mull over a short taking a gander at outing. This especially is shrewd in urban areas with brilliant open transportation decisions.

With a waste of time investigation, you’ll have the capacity to locate a dynamic bar or a tranquil table to unwind though holding up. Grant numerous opportunity to urge back through security, and keep mind that your voyage may value you prior flight chances to your destination. inside of the universe of standby travel, you need to be blessing to win.

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