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Getting UAE Driving License

Community, Culture, Entertainment, Travelling, Uncategorized April 5, 2017

How to get driving license in Uae is a big question we heard everytime around us.Lets find out


As we heard, passing dubai road test is not that much difficult if you have proper preperations.Remembering these golden points could bring you getting the license easier.The most important ones I will list you first


Whether your classes are 8, 20 , 40 or 50 , practice lane change as much as possible until you become pro in lane change.Examiner check this.


The confidence you posses when turning onto a main road from a secondary road or at a T-junction, the way you enter without disturbing the vehicles besides you, determines your merging skills. Examiner check this

BLIND SPOT CHECK: When you start moving your vehicle, when entering a fast lane, when merging, Don’t ever miss your blind spot check. It is really important. If you forget your blind spot check, you FAILED.


The most important mirror is the center mirror, check center mirror each 5 seconds and before applying break.( when changing gear)

Dress Properly

Dress neatly and appropriately to not to get bad impression from the instructor

INITIALLY: Adjust your seat,steering,mirrors and fasten your seat belt.Always tell other people sitting in back seat to fasten their seat belt. (Don’t miss this).

Before starting the engine, you must check the handbrake, and don’t forget to put the vehicle into gear.

Good Speed: Drive confidently in a relaxed mood at a good speed (within speed limit). Examiners don’t like driving too slow.

LANES AND SIGNBOARDS: Dont ever touch the yellowline. If you do it you failed. Have some observation in the road signboards and signals.U turn and left turn lanes are different.

Entering the Main Road: When entering the road, you must check your side mirrors and then perform a blind spot check. The blind spot check is really important. If you don’t check it, then you FAIL the test. It is a fatal mistake. (Very Important)

Keep a safe distance: Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. I hope you know the two second rule. If you don’t, it’s quite simple. Keep two seconds between you and the car in front.When stops you could see the back tires of the car in front.

Changing Lane: While changing lane, don’t forget to check mirrors, then indicate.After blind spot check, Speed up your vehicle immediately (within speed limit) after changing lane from slow to fast one.

Dont turn steering suddenly.

T-Junction: When turning onto a main road from a secondary road at a T-junction, wait until the road is clear and you have enough time to pull out safely at a relaxed pace.


Pedestrians are important. Always give them priority, if anyone tends to cross the road , put the double hazard indicator and give way

MINOR MISTAKES:Don’t apply hard brakes, excessive braking is a minor mistake. Keep your minor mistakes as low as possible, because too many can add up to punish you with a fail.

Roundabouts: Don’t forget the roundabout rules. You always have to give RIGHT indicator while exiting. Never enter a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from your left side.

U-turn: Shift to low speed lane after taking U-turn in fast lane from a roundabout.

Park: Always park your car parallel to the road when asked to park by the examiner. Never park in front of any entrance or gate.

On test day, when your name is called out go along with the other three candidates and the RTA inspector to the designated car. You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving and anticipatory skills. Good Luck!


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